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Enhance the Green World's Value

John, Beverly and Jayne thank you very much for inviting me here today.  My mission is to turn my dream into reality:  “Enhance the Green world’s value”. And I love to share this dream, my reality show, with you all, you wonderful people.

I aim to do my very best to increase the flowers and plants use and expand the gardening philosophy in the world.
I can’t realise this dream alone and that’s why my mission today is to convince you investing in Garden Centres areas in your DIY stores and the best argument I know is profitable business, money, dollars dollars dollars.
I’ve already done that in Ukraine when, few years ago, Mr Alexander Gerega, the owner of Epicenter, the biggest National DIY Company. This Mr. Gerega, for me Alex, in 2009, had projected an investment equal to U.S. Dollars 300 millions and called upon me, Marco Orlandelli, proud 3rd generation in this line of business, to design and finalize the first Garden Centre Chain in Ukraine.

When We started this project the number of DIY’s was limited to 23. The success of Garden Centers helped to expand with an 4 years from those 23 to 40 stores.

Why Mr Gerega wanted me?
The answer is simple.

Consumers in Ukrain were not really interested in buying flowers and plants.


The answer is as simple.
Nobody was offering flowers and plants in the right way.
The success of my close collaboration with EPICENTER Company did, of course, not pass unnoticed by the competition. They copied my ideas and in no time Ukraine was crowded with Garden Centers and the volumes and profits were booming. Everybody in the chain made lots of money and Ukraine has become one of the biggest importers from Holland.

This was not my success, it was the success of the Green Value.

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Enhance the Green World's Value
Enhance the Green World's Value
Enhance the Green World's Value
Enhance the Green World's Value
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