Story of success, Home Depot Messico

Orlandelli Group exports his working methodology to Mexico, starting his partnership with The Home Depot, the largest Diy chain in the world.

Grand opening of the new Garden Center "Darwin"

The second Garden Centre "Darwin" opened the doors to all its customers last April 18, 2014, in Moscow. The total area of the new Garden Center is 1.5 hectares. Available for visitors, the parking lot accommodates more than 120 cars.

SUN GREEN – Saratov. It's their 2nd Garden Centre in Russia

On 5 October 2012, the second Garden Centre "Sun Green" officially opened in the city of Saratov, Russia. The first Garden Centre opened 2 years ago and, given the enormous success, the owners decided to open a second one. The success continue…. the third is already under construction.

Mesquite Valley Growers Nursery - Self Watering Tables

The Nursery, located in one of the most dry areas of the United States, implemented our line of flood benches end exhibitors in order to save water and reduce up-keeping costs.
Mesqiute Valley Grower Nursery is a very regular Garden Center, facing the actual economic difficulties as many others companies in the USA. The owner decided to invest in his company and improve its efficiency implementing a professional and modular exhibition system. 

Blooming Nursery, Oregon – USA

Blooming Nursery is a solid established company in the Northwest of the United States. They produce more than 1,800 varieties of perennials, shrubs, succulents and herbs. The company’s’ plan was to open an exhibition area to wholesale plants and flowers. In the beginning of 2013, this company decided to run a test and opened a small store in order to understand the potential and the benefits from this kind of alternative sale activity. It was a Success!

JARDIDEA, a new Garden Center close to Madrid, Spain

Jardidea is a new Garden Center not far from  Madrid downtown and its settings aims to satisfy their customers on 360 degrees level. The owner of the Center is Italian and with his Spanish wife decided to start a journey into the world of “green”! 

Piscine Castiglione has choosen PRO Landscape, the ideal software for gardens

The collaboration with Piscine Castiglione, world's leading brand in public and private pools, started late in 2010.

Senape vivaio urbano, the green world in Bologna city center

In April, a new Centre was opened in Bologna downtown. “SENAPE VIVAIO URBANO”. The owners, Giovanni and Jorge, wanted to bring a piece of  green surroundings in the middle of Bologna to meet the needs of those that living in the urban context desires a more green atmosphere. 

Les Jardins de Gabiani, furnished a new Garden Center in France

On 26/10/12 in Perpignan in the South of France close to the border with Spain, Mr. Velarte, the owner, opened a beautiful Garden Centre "Les Jardins de Gabiani" of 3,000 meters, covered.

RUSSIA - MOSCOW - The official opening of the Garden Center in a new format!

On 18 August, near Moscow, was inaugurated the first Garden Center "Russkiy Ogorod" part of the project "System of Garden Centres."

Supply for a Garden Center in Russia, TVOY DOM

Even the luxurious and immense plants’ and flowers’ shop of the chain "Tvoy Dom", part of the Crocus Group, has chosen Organizzazione Orlandelli furnishings to furnish the indoor and outdoor exhibition areas dedicated to the Garden Centre.

Held the 2nd EUROPEAN FORUM D.I.Y. 2012

"Home Centre versus Garden Centre" Everything starts the day before the main event and there I realized immediately that in Paris, like in Wien last year and in Brussels the year before, the organizational structure of the two Associations EDRA and FEDIYMA that collects the most famous names of DIY and the main suppliers of Mass Retail, has worked excellently.

Plants and flowers shop in Palazzolo (BS)

Inside of an important Shopping Centre near Brescia, the company Organizzazione Orlandelli has recently achieved for his customer an area exclusively dedicated to sale plants and flowers.

Held in Rome the Technical Workshop "Landscape Design"

On 23rd and 24th February 2012, in the prestigious atmosphere of Vivai Torsanlorenzo, took place the technical workshop "Landscape Design" about gardens and green areas planning with PRO Landscape software.On 23rd and 24th February 2012, in the prestigious atmosphere of Vivai Torsanlorenzo, took place the technical workshop "Landscape Design" about gardens and green areas planning with PRO Landscape software.

Flowershop “Fiori Fiori” – Borgo Buggiano

In a small village in Tuscany, a few kilometres from the famous location of Pescia, last 5th February was inaugurated the shop "Fiori e Fiori".
The management of “Fiori e Fiori” store, after a careful analysis of that what market offers, has chosen Organizzazione Orlandelli to realize the shop’s furniture.

Supply plant and flower benches to a major Israeli company

An important Israeli Company, after having seen our benches during a trade fair abroad, contacted us for an offer.
We proposed as displaying solution our aluminium low cost benches for plants and flowers, very appreciated aesthetically and thanks to their way to adapt to the different sales points.
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