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3° Global DIY-summit 2015

Within a few days the most important and expected congress on the DIY market will take place in Madrid on the 11 - 12 of June 2015.

FloraCulture International reports the success of Ernest wertheim at Orlandelli booth

The business magazine for worldwide floriculture, in the edition of April 2015, reports an article about the success of Ernest Wertheim at Orlandelli booth, during the last IPM show in Essen.  

PRO Landscape, Gardens & Green Areas nicer than ever! New version 21

PRO Landscape is complete, professional and can be used simultaneously on any device: Apple iPad, Android tablet, Microsoft tablet, desktop PC and laptop Windows & Mac!

One of the secrets to make money in Floriculture

One of the secrets to earn money in our business is definitely "be efficient when you need it".  In the floricultural sector is very simple: from mid-February to the end of June things are getting crazy, therefore, being efficient in this period is crucial to increasing the sales.  

Have a nice Spring 2015: thanks Myplant & Garden

Thanks to Myplant & Garden and the homonymous Consortium, to the VGcrea Agency, to Milano Fair and Unicredit bank, to EXPO 2015, the Ministry of agriculture, to all the associations that supported our Media partners and us.

IPM Essen 2015: several innovations presented at the INSPIRATION CENTER

Orlandelli Group presented, at the IPM in Essen / Germany, a new lighting system that applies across the board of the aluminum benches and all other products & accessories available in the Orlandelli’s catalog. The led lighting system has been presented specifically with Orchids, with reasons. The Phalenopsis, In addition to being a very beautiful plant, is one of the top plants sold in Europe and has become a trendy product.

IPM Essen 2015 - the collaboration with Ernest Wertheim continues

Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 January 2014, you will have the honor and pleasure to know Ernest Wertheim at Orlandelli's stand at the IPM trade show,  Essen (Germany)  

Garden Center Design

From the project layout to the Garden Center realization, we study the layout and customizes it for every single customer. Our Staff designs effective projects in order to help you sell flowers and plants.  

Blooming Nursery, Oregon (USA), an year later

Here the pictures of our tables provided to Blooming Nursery in 2013. Blooming Nursery is a solid established company in the Northwest of the United States. They produce more than 1,800 varieties of perennials, shrubs, succulents and herbs.

Get ready for the next Feast of "All Saints"

All Saints Day is the most important event of the fall and, as always, is a guarantee of good business.
Showing correctly chrysanthemums, cyclamen and ericas, will sell better.

Flowers Show Mosca 2014: Marco Orlandelli lecture on Garden Center Shopping Experience

How can we increase the intangible value of plants and flowers? What levers can I put in the field so that even in my Garden Center the product/value perception will let me increase the profitability and, at the same time, the customer loyalty?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Organizzazione Orlandelli will not be attended at the Flormart 2014, Padua (ITALY)

Look at the section FAIRS AND EVENTS to find out the schedule for the season 2014-2015

Obsolete software support ending

Organizzazione Orlandelli ends the technical support service on some old software, since they are not compatible with the most recent operating systems anymore and they have been replaced by technologically advanced software versions.  

Major success for the Ernest Wertheim Event

An important Event with the world famous Architect Ernest Wertheim as guest took place in Mantua last july, 31: 94 years old, from San Francisco, he is universally recognized, after more than 60 years of activity, as one of the worldwide leader in Garden Center design.

Organizzazione Orlandelli presents ERNEST WERTHEIM

EXCLUSIVE EVENT - July 31: one of the biggest worldwide designer will be guest of ORGANIZZAZIONE ORLANDELLI. Ernest Wertheim, 94 years, architect, World leader in Garden Center designs, tells his story; from the beginning of his career, through his 60 years of activity, showing some of the biggest but even the smallest Garden Centers completed in the United States, Canada, Europe and South Africa. A careful analysis of the strengths, in order to give a global vision of the world of Garden Center.

Irrigation in the store

The Irrigation is a crucial element for the survival of plants and flowers and, in every point of sale, the correct watering is essential to maintain the exhibited products in perfect condition. 

The students of the Agricultural Institute of Feltre visit Orlandelli Group

During the visit to the city of mantua, the sudents visited the Garden Center Valle dei Fiori and the headquarters of Organizzazione Orlandelli to know the secrets of the world of floricolture.

Positive trend for the German gardening sector thanks to outdoor activities

The turnover of gardening in Germany, 2012, reached 2.803 billion euros with values constantly increasing. From those reports, it appears that the segment of "outdoor activities" is growing in 2014, witness to a further increase in the global turnover.


Within a few months the most important and expected congress on the DIY market will take place in Madrid on the 5th - 6th of June 2014.

PRO Landscape Companion for iPad or Android Tablets

Go mobile with the first professional landscape design solution for iPad and Android Tablets - PRO Landscape Companion. PRO Landscape Companion gives you additional advantages over your competitors.

Grand opening of the new Garden Center "Darwin"

The second Garden Centre "Darwin" opened the doors to all its customers last April 18, 2014, in Moscow.  

Good Spring

May be because the spring, to me, is closely linked to the floriculture sector.  I like the idea to wish a "Happy Spring" and, in my own way, I want to wish happy spring to all my Colleagues in floriculture.

Held in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantua) the training day to design environments with swimming pools

Organizzazione Orlandelli in partnership with Piscine Castiglione, achieved on Tuesday 25th March, the training course to design environments with swimming pools. 

CABRIOLET CART: from transportation to exhibition in one CLICK

Thanks to its snap system for opening/closing, this exhibitor is great for anyone who has a need for easy and frequent moves.

February 2014 - The "Flora Culture International" magazine reports an article on the uniqueness from the speechs of Marco Orlandelli

Arturo Croci, well known journalist and expert in the horticultural industry, writes on the magazine "Flora Culture International" in the edition of February 2014. The theme is the Uniqueness, that has been brilliantly exposed by Marco Orlandelli in the speechs held in Paris, Miami and Moscow.

Organizzazione Orlandelli has been awarded at TPIE show in Miami

Organizzazione Orlandelli was awarded from "The Garden Center Group" last January at the TPIE show held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Garden Center Group is an association that includes more than 120 american Garden Centers and that awarded us for our concept called "COMBO". 

Taspo: edition of 24th of January 2014

The German magazine TASPO, in the edition of January 24th, 2014 speaks about Organizzazione Orlandelli and the new "Concept" exhibition COMBO.

See you at the exhibition

It is said that the world has changed and with it, the way to communicate.

Orlandelli Group knows it and focus on the online presence (We are, perhaps, the only company having developed an e-commerce for professional products for handling, caring and display of pot plants and flowers) on the major Social networks: Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube. 

Markt in grün December 2013

The German magazine Markt grün, in December 2013, carried an article on Organizzazione Orlandelli. The occasion took part in the last Flormart, where we presented the new exhibitor "kareta".

COMBO: The AESTHETIC VALUE of plants and flowers

The Entergreen Team developed a new concept to improve sales in the entire chain from producer to wholesaler, for Garden Centre and large retailers.

Garden Centre OverView

August 2013, Moscow, online the multimedia presentation of Marco Orlandelli's speech. 
"Seeing and understanding the dynamics of the other people helps to improve mine. Sometimes I pretend to understand if the customer Staff has been trained in a professional manner. Today, I hope that my action may give you ideas to improve your Garden Centre". 

2nd Global DIY-Summit 2013

The 2nd Global DIY Summit is the world’s major event where retailers andmanufacturers from the home improvement and garden centre industry have the opportunity for an exchange of views of current and future developments within the global market.

On "Green line" magazine, Organizzazione Orlandelli presents the new concept

"We need to create EMOTIONS before and in order to sell plants and flowers”.
Organizzazione Orlandelli’s philosophy is to create emotions. That’s the reason why  a series of products has been studied highlighting  the dynamic exposure of the products and  to enhance the characteristics of each plant.

Organizzazione Orlandelli launchs the latest Version of PRO Landscape

The new Version 19 of PRO Landscape Design Software it's came.

How to influence the success of a proposal?

Getting positive responses and commitment is crucial for every company and is the basic element for concrete job opportunities. Introduce yourself in full, that’s the key. The stages that lead to this result usually require the study, the budget and the development of a project that summarize the characteristics of the proposed intervention. 

Do not buy carts from suspicious sources!

Are you purchasing carts from a suspect seller? The risks is a penalty and up to 6 months jail!  To purchase stolen items, incautious purchases as well, are considered criminal offences! 

PRO Landscape training

We have implemented a series of personal courses, for those who are interested to learn more about PRO Landscape design software, for specific needs.

How to rightly invest in the own Garden Centre or store?

A store renovation must be a practice that goes beyond the favourable or unfavourable economic situation. Invest in the own Company is essential in order to remain on the market with success! 

Green Checkmate

The eco-sustainable Megatrend is growing very fast, and the Garden Centre have this essence inside! Till now, this business was at the margin of the DIY investments but today, it  is the right moment to open your mind and start to play in the Garden Centre.

The new catalogues of ORLANDELLI are ready

We finally present the new catalogues. TABLES DISPLAYING and LANDSCAPE SOFTWARE, these are the topics of the two new and downloadable catalogues. Soon, two more will come that will complete the package of catalogues of a company that celebrates 30 years of activity in the Floriculture field.

Is online the video of Marco Orlandelli at the 2nd EUROPEAN HOME IMPROVEMENT FORUM 2012

"Passion for tradition" Paris speech by Marco Orlandelli.
Everything starts the day before the main event and there I realized immediately that in Paris, like in Wien last year and in Brussels the year before, the organizational structure of the two Associations EDRA and FEDIYMA that collects the most famous names of DIY and the main suppliers of Mass Retail, has worked excellently.

Design to sell

Providing more services to customers instead of just selling products; that is what recently highlighted John Stanley, a well-known Australian coach, consultant, author, speaker and trainer, in one of his articles.

Is online the presentation of Marco Orlandelli at the 2nd EUROPEAN HOME IMPROVEMENT FORUM 2012

"Passion for tradition"  find out a part of the speech and download the whole presentation in pdf format.

Will be present at SUN - International exhibition of outdoor products. 7-8-9 October 2012, Rimini Fair

Into the SUN, 30th edition is the international exhibition of outdoor products, born a new exhibiting sector called GARDENSUN dedicated to nursery gardening, landscape gardening, equipment and products. DIY products. CLICK HERE to know more.

Our aluminium benches are very successful also in France.

Next October in PERPIGNAN in South France will be inaugurated a new Garden Center of 3.000 square meters, where the inner displaying will be completely fitted out with our aluminum benches, both fixed and with wheels.... read more

New showroom

From few days we have finished the new showroom dedicated to the Julia Wood line, the wooden furniture for flowers and plants, with the focus to launch, besides the elegant displays line, the exclusive consulting service called “Entergreen” that will allow you to realize a wonderful, practical and dynamic store of certain success!

“Julia wood line” Furniture

If you’re looking for a line of displayers for plants and flowers that goes along with your Philosophy of Ecologists that distinguishes your Company, Organizzazione Orlandelli has launched on the market the new Julia Wood Line.

Held the 2nd EUROPEAN FORUM D.I.Y. 2012

"Home Centre versus Garden Centre" Everything starts the day before the main event and there I realized immediately that in Paris, like in Wien last year and in Brussels the year before, the organizational structure of the two Associations EDRA and FEDIYMA that collects the most famous names of DIY and the main suppliers of Mass Retail, has worked excellently.

Improve the performance of your store

Improve performances with the "combined sale": is the concept that Organizzazione Orlandelli, leader company in Floriculture sector for 30 years, wants to convey to its customers.
Through the best solutions for aluminum Low Cost benches and its accessories, you can optimize... read more


Many years ago, maybe 20 or more, I attended a Marketing course for Garden Centers, probably, it had been the first course that was held in Italy with a Marketing theme then considered cutting edge in the Floriculture sector, where the Marketing had never been a priority element. This Word was new, because it was completely out of mindsets for us Floriculture Professionals.


Are you interested in having a complete overview about the consumption trends in the world of DIYs? You can’t evade then to attend the 2° European Home & Garden Improvement Forum that will take place next 31st May and 1st June 2012 in France.

TRAINING COURSE for PRO Landscape software in ROME

PRO Landscape Fundamentals Training - Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of February at Vivai Torsanlorenzo, Via Campo di Carne, 51, 00040 Ardea (ROME-Italy) - Two-days classroom training sessions to give main tips about how to use our best-selling software.

Updated the exhibitions list wich Organizzazione Orlandelli will participate in 2012

See you at IPM Essen to celebrate with us 30 years of presence to one of the largest and most important fairs for Floriculture. Moreover, if you're an architect or landscape designer, you cannot miss Expohogar, in Montjuïc (Barcelona), where we will be present with our landscape software.

Click here to know more

Will be at MIFLOR Plantarum - Professional Exhibition of Mediterranean nursery - CATANIA ITALY 10-12 February 2012


Organizzazione Orlandelli has designed and realized the shop "Piante e fiori", where hosts some scenes of the drama "Baciati dall'amore", on air every Tuesday at 21.10 on CANALE 5 (Italian TV)


We wait you at FLORA The new spring of flowers - Ercolano (NA) from 18 to 20 November 2011

Return Flora, the international exhibition devoted to horticulture. From 18 to 20 November 2011, the new flower market of Ercolano, near Naples, will be ready to welcome hundreds of exhibitors and visitors eager to learn about the latest market news. View details

Special OFFERS ONLINE until November 18th !!

Organizzazione Orlandelli offers discounts and promotions on the best products for nurseries.
In this section Offers you can find the best prices for furniture, equipment and software for garden centers, greenhouses, nurseries and flower shops.
Discover the many benefits of buying online with the Shop Online of Organizzazione Orlandelli!

From today on our website you can see the article about DIY & HOMING

A visit to the 25,000 m² Italian garden centre Valle dei fiori in Mantua is an excellent lesson in “back to basics” for garden retail... read more

From today on our website you can see the new line JULIA WOOD LINE

Julia wood line, the new modular furniture system totally in wood.

The scent of wood, its vitality, its warmth and its virtues are the soul of Julia wood line. From the refined design, it gives elegance in any place and guarantees functionality in the displaying.

EDRA-fediyma 1st Global DIY Summit 2011 - Review

400 senior executives from 35 countries attended the 1st Global DIY Summit on 8-9 June in Brussels, which included 35 CEOs of retail companies from around the world.

EDRA-fediyma 1st Global DIY Summit 2011

EDRA, the European DIY Retail Association, and fediyma, the Federation of DIY Manufacturers, are pleased to announce the 1st Global DIY Summit 2011, in association with the Conference Group. The Summit, entitled "One World - What will shape the future of home improvement worldwide?", will take place on 8-9 June 2011, at the Square - Brussels Meeting Centre, in Brussels, Belgium.

TRAINING COURSE for landscape software

PRO Landscape Fundamentals Training - Thursday 24th and Friday 25th of February at Landscape High School in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (Mantova - Italy) - One-day classroom training sessions to give main tips about how to use our best-selling software.

Orlandelli at Euroflora 2011

The word "Euroflora" is by now part of our common vocabulary. Yet, with every show, it still manages to put across a new message and fascinate visitors with new amazing displays, new actors and new arrangements, delivering an exciting spectacle of flowers and plants, colours, fragrances and water effects that has no equal in the world...

Organizzazione Orlandelli will be at IPM fair in Essen - Germany

Organizzazione Orlandelli will be present at International Fair IPM in Essen (Germany) from 25 to 28 January 2011 in HALL 6 Stand B12

New DC trolley system

The DC "Danish Container" trolley are the most used trolley for logistic purposes in floricultural field.
Our trolleys are the best solution for plant and flower exhibition and transport.
Composed by different shelves, which allow to show different kind of plants and to create powerful flower compositions, they can easily attract customers’ attention.


TEILNEHMER: Personen und Interessierte, die im Verkauf und Design von Aussenanlagen beschäftigt sind. Garten- und Landschaftsarchitekten, Gartendesigner, Gärtner, Meister und Gestaltungsprofis.

ABS Water trays available in different colors!

UNIVERSAL Danish water trays, suitable for every unistandard trolley and every displayer, are available in different color, to customize the way exhibiting.

Orlandelli and DIY market

The new issue of DIY International, our specialist magazine, has come out this week.

The biggest box of all

A local company called Epicentr K has opened the world’s biggest DIY superstore in Ukraine, the second largest country in Europe.

Leading company in handling and displaying of plants and flowers

Brand new, practical and efficient solutions: trolleys for any need, displays for Garden Centres, shops and organised retail, special containers, flat stillages for production and display purposes, software for the design of green areas and more.

IPM DUBAI form 8 to 10 March

Organizzazione Orlandelli will be at the INTERNATIONAL PLANTS EXPO MIDDLE EAST - IPM DUBAI from 8 to 10 March. Visit our STAND to see all our NEW products (benches, trolleys and the NEW VERSION of our PRO-LANDSCAPE software.

FLORTECNICA - october issue: about Padova Flormart

"Anche questa edizione di Flormart va in archivio rispettando abbastanza bene le tendenze del mercato. Siamo in un momento di ‘vorrei ma non posso’: vorrei farti un bell’ordine, ma non posso, perché ho le serre ancora piene; vorrei pagarti le fatture, ma non posso perché nessuno mi paga..."


Now available NEW Version 15 of PRO-LANDSCAPE, the 1st Choice in Professional Landscape Design Software.

On-line catalogue

All our products for gardening and horti-floricultiral field. You will find the solution for your specific needs.

Marco Orlandelli's speech in Moscow

View the multimedia presentation of the speech of Marco Orlandelli held in Moscow last 30 May for DIY Household and Garden Centers retail.

Enhance the Green World's Value

Online the multimedia presentation of the speech of Marco Orlandelli entitled "Enhance the Green world's value" held in Las Vegas the last 3 May, 2013 at the National Hardware Show.
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