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2022 Garden Trends Report - Second Part


2022 Garden Trends Report - Second Part
Organizzazione Orlandelli is pleased to distribute one of the best-known research in the Garden sector to specialists in the sector, as it believes it can be a useful tool for planning a successful job during 2022.

The research was conducted by the American company Garden Media Group and its aim is to show the main market trends, guiding the operators of the sector in proposing products, ideas and solutions to the consumer.

An increasingly green and digital world is emerging, especially thanks to the entry of new fans of the garden sector, mainly young people. Precisely to be able to retain these young enthusiasts, it will be necessary to know how to innovate to respond to a type of clientele with different needs than those encountered in the past.

Zoning Board - pag. 16

Zoning Board - pag. 16
In 2021, mentions on Social Media of "front yard" or "front porch" reached their highest level in the last 5 years. The front porches is therefore the first area where you welcome friends and relatives.
The curb appeal is rising, as have the arcades: they are like new rooms to be enjoyed in relaxation, surrounded by greenery and colors. And therefore areas to decorate and in which to do gardening.

The same is true for indoor green areas: people miss the 70s, and whether it is for the office, kitchen or hallways, there has been a sustained growth in the sale of houseplants.

Bridging the Gap - pag.20

Bridging the Gap - pag.20
We have acquired 18.3 million new gardening enthusiasts. Our challenge now is to build a starting point to make these new gardeners into real enthusiasts, turning them into lifetime gardeners. We begin this mission by building a solid foundation made up of both correct information and adequate tools.
But ... who are these new "Garden Lovers"?
They are equally men and women, but men under 35 show the most significant increase in this. One study showed that 8 out of 10 young people think about gardening.
Report by Garden Media Group - Translated and distributed by Organizzazione Orlandelli

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