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2023 Garden Trends Report - Part One


From the collaboration with Garden Media Group, Organizzazione Orlandelli is pleased to distribute the Trends of the Garden Sector 2023.
The 2023 report features what we believe to be the moment’s two most significant driving forces, individuality, and accessibility. In a world dominated by uncertainty, the overarching trend of 2023 is rooted in self-reliance and personal empowerment, making room for a larger, more inclusive gardening community. 

"I Believe In Me" shows how we have evolved beyond the unpredictability of the past two years into a life of practical self-fulfillment.

The 2023 Garden Trends Report Highlights:

• How the industry is moving forward and making gardening more accessible than ever before.

• How TikTok has become a significant force for trends and how retailers can use it to gain inspiration and drive sales. 

• 'Super-Agers', the new customer you can't afford to ignore! 

• What you love from previous reports are still here! From Color of the Year to the aesthetics driving design indoors and out.

Personal Reliance - pag. 3

Personal Reliance - pag. 3
We learned we can’t control external thing. We can control what we do, what we think, and what we buy
Now is the time to take responsibility for the materials we use, how stuff is produced, how we buy and consume, and the values buy into.

We’re entering a spiritual renaissance of enlightenment. We are creating Personal Brands

Year of the ADU - pag. 13

Year of the ADU - pag. 13
According to Forbes, who coined last year, the "Year of the ADU", accessory dwelling units would help alleviate these shortages. ADUs are self-contained living units that can be attached or detached from single-family homes.

Garden Centers, DIY and brands alike have an opportunity to help define spaces, design products to suit the evolving needs, like these new ‘Cottage Clusters,’ and understand the needs of their customers.
Report by Garden Media Group - Distributed by Organizzazione Orlandelli

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