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Water tray repair kit

Water tray repair kit

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Water drain valve
Plastic drain plate
Angular plastic profile
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The subirrigation water trayss, called ebb and flow, are a fundamental element for the correct maintenance and healthy growth of plants and flowers on the pallets. Over the years, however, these tanks can suffer wear and tear, compromising their efficiency. To guarantee optimal functioning and prolong the life of your tanks, a series of spare parts and accessories are available that will allow you to carry out simple and quick repairs. Furthermore, by offering these products, we are committed to promoting an ethical sustainability policy, reducing costs in the long term and minimizing our impact on the environment.

1. Drain Valve: The drain valve is a key component in subirrigation tanks. In the event that a malfunction or breakage occurs, it is essential to replace it promptly. We offer a variety of high quality drain valves, designed to ensure smooth water flow and proper drainage. By choosing a suitable drain valve, you will be able to restore optimal functioning of your tub and prevent unpleasant water leaks.

2. Silicone for repairs: The cracks or cracks that can occur in subirrigation tanks can be solved simply and effectively with the use of special silicone. Our repair silicone is water resistant and adheres firmly to the tub material. By applying silicone to the damaged areas, you can restore the watertightness and structural integrity of your tub, extending its life.

3. Repair plate for the drain valve: If the drain valve shaft is damaged, jeopardizing the integrity of the tub structure, we offer a specially designed piece of plastic to restore it. This repair component will allow you to reuse your tub without having to buy a new one, thus contributing to cost reduction and sustainable ethics.

4. Reinforcement corner: The corners of subirrigation tanks are often subjected to great stresses over time. To prevent them from getting damaged or deformed, we offer reinforcing angles specially designed for this need. Reinforcement angles are easy to install and provide greater structural stability to your tubs, ensuring a longer life and reliable operation.