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Sustainability is a core value for Organizzazione Orlandelli. We believe that it is important to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to the protection of the planet. For this reason, we have integrated sustainability into our corporate culture and work processes.

Of course, sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We are therefore committed to continuing to work to reduce our environmental and social impact, and to inspire others to do the same.

Environmental impact

To reduce our environmental impact, we have adopted a number of measures, including:

  • Installation of photovoltaic panels for the production of renewable energy.
  • Selection of recyclable and recycled materials for our products, such as aluminum, wood from certified forests, and certified plastics.
  • Constant search for partners and suppliers who share our commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Sustainable policies

We promote sustainable policies, such as:

  • Constant reduction of water and energy consumption through the use of the most modern heating equipment.
  • We are constantly looking for packaging that reduces environmental impact.

Local sourcing

Our design and R&D departments are constantly looking for as many local raw materials as possible. For example, we use ceramics from the best local producers for the tops of our packaging benches, or certified woods from local artisans.

We are convinced that sustainability is not only a duty, but also an opportunity. We believe that by adopting sustainable solutions, we can improve our business and contribute to a better future for everyone. We therefore invite every company to embark on our same journey. Each of us can do our part to make the world a better place and create a more sustainable future for future generations.