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Capillary Mats

Capillary Mats

price each9.00VAT Excluded
Dimensions 656x2545 mm
Compatible with the measures of the raised bench fixed on the aluminum bench 1225x2530mm
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Raised bench
1025 mm
1225 mm
1625 mm
2050 mm
1025 x 2055 mm
1225 x 2530 mm
1230 x 1230 mm
1625 x 3030 mm
1625 x 3530 mm
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price each9.00
products total27.00
Order total27.00
Minimum order quantity: 3
Shipping costs75.00
The capillary mat for display tables, raised benches and end-cap displays is a necessary accessory for the correct care of plants. We at Organizzazione Orlandelli strongly recommend this option to those who use our water tables and displays because this geotextile fabric cloth has remarkable drainage capabilities that allow it to absorb and retain the absorbed liquid for a long time. In this way it is possible to optimize watering, reducing the use of water and the frequency of irrigation.

The capillary mat for displays is particularly appreciated by large-scale distribution and garden centers especially in the summer, but proves to be a valid ally throughout the year.

Under normal conditions of use, the mat can be used as well for more than one year. Thanks to the low incidence of the price, if soil, fertilizers or midges that have escaped from the pots have conditioned their appearance, it is possible to think of replacing the mat once a year. In this way, the display in the store will always be tidy, professional and functional.

This humidifier mat is obtained from layers of needle-punched and thermo-fixed non-woven geotextile in multicolor polypropylene of 300 gr/m². Geotextile is a specific product for use in contact with water and soil. For this reason the product offers a long duration over time and has no risk of contamination for the plants it comes into contact with.

Why is its use recommended?

We recommend using this capillary mat on water tables to reduce the frequency of watering and the amount of water required for the plants and flowers displayed on the water tables.

Can the capillary mat be washed?

Since the geotextile is a specific product for use in contact with water, the cloth can be washed with water without any problem, however, if residues of soil, fertilizers or midges have deposited on the capillary mat, affecting its appearance, it is recommended to proceed with the replacement.

How long is the service life of the capillary mat?

The capillary mat can be used for periods longer than a year, thanks to the quality of the material specifically designed for use in contact with water and soil.

How does the capillary mat contribute to water saving and environmental sustainability?

By retaining water for longer, the capillary mat allows plants to have water available for a longer time. In this way they can absorb more water during the time needed for absorption. This results in less water needed by the plants, as rapid runoff and rapid evaporation are combated.

Considering the increase in customers interested in sustainability, promoting the fact that your store adopts solutions aimed at saving water can also be successful in terms of communication with the customer as well as for a strictly functional discourse at company level.