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Wood wall bench line AMOR
Wood wall bench line AMOR
Wood wall bench line AMOR
Wood wall bench line AMOR
Wood wall bench line AMOR
Wood wall bench line AMOR

Wood wall bench line AMOR

CharacteristicsShipping costs
850 x 2100 mm
850 x 2560 mm

Wood wall display bench - Garden Center furniture

Wood display bench with three compartments, wall design - Garden Center furniture

The wood wall display bench is the display solution that allows you to equip a wall by transforming it into a display or to create aisles and departments within the store using a special display instead of a traditional shelving.

This characterizes the exhibition space and allows greater visibility of the products displayed to the customer thanks to the scaled shelves that offer the plants more light.

The display bench is equipped with a PST tank and drain valve with filter to avoid the accumulation of dirt and foliage.
Swivel wheels can be added to the wall bench to create dynamic layouts within the store.
The polystyrene shelf with which the display bench is supplied is highly resistant to UV rays and anti-reflective with a height of 65 mm and is complete with filter and drain cock. The ribs that characterize it avoid water stagnation and make it suitable also for irrigation with ebb and flow systems. The support crosspieces of the tank are arranged in such a way as to guarantee a load capacity of up to 70 kg / m².

Construction features of the wood wall display bench with three compartments - Garden Center furniture AMOR

The profiles of the three-compartment wall wood display bench are made of bleached wood and can be customized according to customer requests, making it one of the most dynamic furnishing solutions for garden centers on the market.
The supporting structure of this three-compartment wall wood display bench is made with a primary extruded aluminum alloy, which is why it is extremely light and easy to handle.