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Furniture for plants and flowers

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Furniture for plants and flowers
Welcome clients in your world of plants and flowers.
The market for plants and flowers is evolving with consumers: new lifestyles and consumer habits are arising from a renewed attention to “Green”. In order to seize the opportunities brought by this change, the point of sale must evolve.
We can draw solutions, from our broad range of experiences designing layouts for plants and flowers from garden centers to super markets, from nurseries to flower shops, that can be applied and adapted in any kind of point of sale.
  • extend the amount of time spent by the consumer inside the point of sale
  • increase the exhibition space visited by the consumer, improving the visibility of different product categories
  • guarantee the maximum convenience for the workers

New products
AMOR is the new line of wood benches for plants and flowers designed by Organizzazione Orlandelli so to offer garden centers and flowers shops a high quality, convenient, reliable and beautiful solution.
The end result is a unique concept which will move your clients.
The new wood line AMOR was created for allowing every flower shop or garden center to customize the most suitable layout for its exhibit and our staff in the design department follows each and every step, listens to, evaluates and recommends the best design solutions, based on the direct experience of a team which goes through the floriculture sector challenges daily.
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