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Feeling Set
Feeling Set
Feeling Set
Feeling Set
Feeling Set

Feeling Set

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Full Description
FEELING Set: For a combined exhibition of different types of plants

The "Feeling" exhibition set allows two types of plants to be displayed in a coordinated way and is offered in three versions:
  • Feeling set TRIO – with fertilizer holder
  • Feeling set VISUAL – with larch wood card holder
  • Feeling set PERFETTO – with raised bench
A Cabriolet trolley, the evolution of the classic trolley for the transport of plants and flowers, together with a traditional 3’ x 6’ ebb and flow table. A scaled and a flat exhibition, aesthetically well-compatible.
The new Feeling exhibition set will allow you to combine plants of Azaleas with plants of Pieris or Rhododendron, Primroses with Violas, Cyclamens with Solanum or other combinations that you can create in your own garden.
Adding accessories such as the raised bench or the fertilizer holder, allows you to increase the value of the goods displayed per square foot.
The use of coordinated graphics is a very effective tool for sales purposes. Indispensable for those who want to get noticed!


The display bench and the Cabriolet trolley are supplied with water trays and for each tray, you will find the non-woven mat. That way you can wet the plants without flooding the aisles, making them dirty and above all, dangerous.

UP Selling

When we talk about upselling we refer to marketing strategies that in recent years are becoming more and more common in all sectors.
Upselling consists of an offer to be made to the customer that is superior to his original idea. Upselling as an added value, as a hint and an advice.
The concept of upselling is to direct the customer to a different product, qualitatively higher, with the same basic functionality but with a greater margin of expenditure than the predetermined one because she is explained the differences which justify the extra expense.
It is a signal we send the client saying we support her and make our professionalism available. She spends more, is aware of the differences and is happy with the deal.
A classic example from another sector comes from McDonald's, which went from the hamburger to the McMenu. Most consumers go to McDonald’s for a McMenu now and take for granted the association of a soda and fries to their hamburger. The focus on their menu is on the prices of the McMenus, not on the single items.
In short, the concept of upselling is simple: the consumer arrives to buy something and you promptly provide her a better product or service. And everyone is happier!
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