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Set of tables covered in ceramics

Set of tables covered in ceramics

Set of two tables in wood and ceramic 1200 x 600 mm

1 table height 800 mm
1 table height 1000 mm
600 x 600 mm
1200 x 600 mm
2 tables
3 tables


Set of wood and ceramic tables for displaying plants and flowers.

Ceramic and wood table set ideal for displaying floral compositions, decorative objects and gift ideas.
The adjustable pedestals with which these tables are equipped make it possible to create a sales floor layout on different heights capable of creating a winning visual effect and increasing the visibility of the products.
The different sizes available together with the double display shelf present in each table allow you to comfortably display different products, plants and flowers, satisfying the different display needs of the store.

The possibility of choosing the size of these tables allows you to position it both in a large garden center and in a small sales point, adapting this practical display solution to the available space in the best possible way, enhancing it.

The materials chosen for the construction of these tables satisfy both aesthetic and functional needs. The ceramic top is ideal for both operation and cleaning. The hardness of the ceramic makes the top resistant to knocks and heavy loads, facilitating display setup operations. It is also important to note that ceramic is unalterable in contact with water and most chemical substances. This makes the top less exposed to the risk of deterioration, more resistant to dirt and also easier to clean. The use of non-chipboard wood instead makes this bench resistant to humidity, giving it a longer duration over time.


AMOR is the line of wood displays for plants and flowers designed by Organizzazione Orlandelli to offer furniture for garden centers or flower shops maximum practicality of use combined with a high aesthetic value, guaranteeing reliability in terms of quality. The end result is a unique concept intended to excite your customers.

The AMOR wood garden center furniture was created to give every flower shop or garden center the most suitable customizable solution for its sales floor layout and the design office staff follows every single aspect step by step, listening, evaluating and advising the best furnishing solutions based on the experience of those who experience the horticultural sector firsthand every day.
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