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Goods in transit to and from Italy not affected by lock down


Goods in transit to and from Italy not affected by lock down
For weeks now, Organizzazione Orlandelli has been adhering to the provisions contained in the Ministerial Decrees with regard to the containment of the Covid-19 virus.
As of today, production continues regularly at our plant while sales, customer support and other operations have been converted to work-from-home.
As per the instructions of the Ministerial Decree currently in force, shipping and receiving of goods continues regularly.
We send our sympathy to all those who contracted the virus: the Italy that carries on, in compliance with the rules, does it for you too.

Let’s keep going!
Get well and all the best in your work

Pending freight handling guidelines, the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport clarifies some points related to goods: Goods can enter and leave the affected territories. Freedom of movement
for logistics workers is a proven work need: drivers can therefore enter and exit the affected territories and move within them, only to the extent necessary to pick up or deliver goods.