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Modular wire-mesh with 2 shelves
Modular wire-mesh with 2 shelves
Modular wire-mesh with 2 shelves
Modular wire-mesh with 2 shelves

Modular wire-mesh with 2 shelves

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code: 32070333
Displayer for plants coloured white with adjustable shelves. It's possible to adjust the height of the shelves without using screws. Very practical because of the modularity.
L 1.300 W 550 H 795 mm

Weight: Kg. 22,00 - Volume: m3 0,10

CUSTOMIZABLE: Wide range of equipments that allow creating a specific furnishing for your shop.
VERSATILE: Suitable to display many products
MODERN: It makes the most of the space with modernity and functionality
CHEAP: Thanks to its adaptability it allows fitting every kind of space at very reasonable prices
HIGH QUALITY: Long-lasting

In order to use as best one can the two shelf modular wire-mesh inside a greenhouse or nursery, Organizzazione Orlandelli advises the combined use with the other modular wire-mesh structure in the catalogue for the floricultural field.
Thanks to the different forms and dimensions of structures, as well as blister hooks or baskets, it is possible to obtain an excellent and functional furnishings.
Then, wire-mesh structure permits to exhibit constantly plants to sunlight, in order to guarantee their freshness and lasting.
These meshes are in fact studied in order to improve flower, plant and accessory exhibition for gardening and facilitate their selling.
The two shelf modular wire-mesh is an useful way to furnish greenhouses and nurseries.
The wire-mesh structure guarantees the best modularity, allowing to insert the two shelves for plant exhibition at the best distance for every need.
The wire-mesh shelves permit to insert Unistandard Trays to hold plant vases with roots, ready to be poured, as well as the fact to insert a set of vases in order to give to garden centre customer all kind of solution to exhibit plants and flowers.