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Lighting: a resource to be exploited

People rely on professionals because they expect advanced solutions and service that will allow them to better enjoy the green space, with devices that can make a difference. The lighting is a key element because it extends the pleasure to enjoy and live the garden during the evening hours.
So why we limit to present only designs in daytime version?
For a project done by hand the answer would be obvious, it would mean much more work,  but with a design software like PRO Landscape it takes just few minutes to make the night version of the same work.
During the early stages of negotiations for a garden realization, it could be a very effective tool to present to the potential customer a design with a lighting system that allows you to give to it more value.
Lighting: a resource to be exploited
Proper planning has an important role because thanks to it you can create an image of the garden that is aesthetically pleasant and able to amaze.
PRO Landscape allows you to achive the lighting system both photographic and planimetric thanks to dedicated libraries, which include various types of lighting elements such as lamps, floor lamps, wall lights and spotlights.
 All these objects are importable and editable into the drawing. Moreover, the software libraries are “open”, it means that they are able to be integrated with elements from personal photographic archive and this allows you to better customize the final work.

Lighting: a resource to be exploited
For integration of the objects in the library, a toolbar has been inserted that allows you to make different operations: activate/deactivate the night view, create bright areas (very effective for lighting in pools or portions of grass), create splines of lights for walkways and benefit of dedicated lights to the decorations so that we can better implement the stage effect of the project.
Once inserted the object into the library, through the “work space” you can manage all parameters related to the illumination of the object: light color, bright, type of lamp, etc. The light designing is an aspect that is often not taken into consideration, but with PRO landscape it results very easy and fast to apply. In addition, it will be a winning instrument for your negotiation.

Orlandelli’s team invite you to watch the  demo video of PRO Landscape where you'll explore the lighting tool and many other curiosities.