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Orlandelli for Costa Farms

15/01/2018 - 16/01/2018

Orlandelli for Costa Farms
On the occasion of the 2018 TPIE, 17-19 January, something more is going on! One week before and up to one week after the TPIE, Costa Farms is having a particular event, a kind of open house, to show the best of their production.
For this specific event, a pavilion will be raised behind Costa’s main office & HQ with a huge and superb Showroom, designed by Orlandelli Group LLC. The aim of the project is to recreate three distinct environments, dedicated to three different categories of business:
  • Independent Garden Centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Box Stores
Clearly, the display needs in a Garden Centre is completely different from a box store or a supermarket. To better present the three layout concepts, we micro analyzed the consumer type for the three specific commercial environments. To create the right “emotion” It’s extremely relevant having a knowledge of the consumer’s habits, their expectations, the service level, the price range, the quality and product range to show.

We identified potential and limitations that characterize the different type of store, this allowed us to develop, for Costa farms, three display settings of great effect, going from large exhibition spaces (Garden Center) to few square feet (Supermarkets).

Our benches and modules enhances the individual features of each plant and that’s the reason why, even in a small space, we can recreate an impressive exhibition, which transmit the shop identity and attracts the consumers ' attention. The other great aspect that characterizes the line of our exhibitors, is the ease of use, thanks to the ebb and flow basins, the irrigation has never been easier.  In order to optimize the sales area, the benching line comes with a serial of optional & accessories, as well, in different sizes and shapes.