1) Online orders

All orders made by Orlandelli.it are ruled according to the Italian Legislative Decree n. 185 dated 22nd May 1999 concerning the consumers’ protection for remote agreements and according to the Italian Legislative Decree n. 70 dated 09th April 2003, relating to the e-commerce.
All products shown on our web site can be purchased till when stocks are finished.
You can choose the delivery place that is the most convenient for you: by your house, by your office or by another person.

2) Prices

All prices shown on Orlandelli.it are exclusive of VAT and transport costs.
All agreed prices are meant to the current terms of sales. Orlandelli.it reserves the right to modify its price list without notice.

3) Technical details about products

The features of each product are indicated into the on line catalogue and you can see them while you’re filling the order. Orlandelli.it shows its products as much accurate as possible. Anyway colours might be different due to the user monitor; that’s why the seller can’t guarantee that colours shown on the monitor are true.

4) Delivery

For deliveries abroad Orlandelli.it uses international and reliable transport companies.
The transport costs will be counted on the basis of the exact quantity of products, volume, weight and delivery place of the order.
On the final order confirmation you could see the total amount.

Only after having received the payment on our bank account we will proceed with the shipping of the order.
Orlandelli.it isn’t responsible for any delay due to the courier.

As soon as you receive the goods, please, check:
- Nr. of delivered items must correspond to what’s written on the delivery note.
- The integrity of all items; if something is wrong or broken, please, write on the waybill that you have to sign during the collection of the goods “Collected with checking reservations”.

5) Disclaim of responsibilities

Orlandelli.it aims to work as much precisely as possible, anyway it might come up against technical imprecision or/and typographic mistakes.
Orlandelli.it reserves the right to change and modify the web site whenever required.
Orlandelli.it doesn’t guarantee that all information listed in its web site comply with laws of foreign Countries and that products showed in it are allowed from every jurisdiction.

6) Restitutions.

For any withdrawal, please, contact our Customer Service.

Should you need to return a product, please, remind that:
. it must be intact
  . it can’t be damaged
. you have to put it in its original box

Before any decision we will have to verify the conditions of the goods.

7) Claims.

In case of claims for defected or damaged goods must be sent to info@orlandelli.it.

8) Privacy

Orlandelli.it treats personal data of their customers in compliance with the requirements of the Legislative Decree 196/2003. Personal data are processed in the normal activities exclusively to process the order and if a problem arises to contact the buyer. As required by the rules, you may obtain confirmation of the existence or otherwise of their personal data and that these are being communicated in a clear. The interested party may also request the cancellation, change in an anonymous or block of data processed, for legitimate reasons, the treatment itself.

9) Cookie

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the User’s device when visiting a website. On each subsequent visit cookies are re-sent to the site that originated them (first-party cookies) or to another website that recognises them (third party cookies). Cookies are useful because they allow websites to identify the user’s device. They have several functionalities, such as allowing the visitor to surf efficiently through pages, recalling bookmarked websites and, in general, improving the web browsing experience. Based on their function and purpose, cookies are grouped into technical cookies, profiling cookies and third-party cookies.

Technical cookies have the purpose to enable functions that are necessary to fully use all the features of the WEBSITE.
These cookies allow to activate procedures which are based on several steps (subsequent pages, i.e. a contact request), allow to track the user’s preferences, in relation to the WEBSITE content to view, and to functionalities to activate or deactivate.
This type of cookies are also used to record the user’s choice in relation to accepting cookies from the website.
Essential cookies cannot be disabled when using the Website’s features.
Technical cookies also include those cookies which are used to statistically measure accesses and visits to the website, also called “analytics”. These cookies are used for statistical purposes only, to collect aggregate data, and do not allow the identification of the user.
Analytics cookies can also be third-party cookies (Google Analytics), for which the reader should refer to the corresponding owner’s privacy policy.

Profiling cookies have the purpose to provide a better user experience on the WEBSITE, by suggesting content that corresponds to the user’s preferences selected during navigation, based on viewed content and other user-related parameters.
Users can choose to disable single cookies of the WEBSITE by selecting the appropriate settings on their browser.
In this case, users might not be able to use all features of the WEBSITE.

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The use of cookies can be disabled by changing the browser settings. Below are some examples related to the most common browsers.

Internet Explorer
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  • Select Tools in the menu
  • Click on Options
  • Select the Privacy panel
  • Click on “Clear now”
  • Select “Cookies”
  • Click on “Clear private data now”

Google Chrome
  • Click in the menu
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  • Click on “Under the Hood”
  • Click on “Content settings” in the Privacy section
  • Click on “Clear browsing data”

  • Select the Safari settings menu (top right in the browser) and click on Preferences
  • In the panel, select “Security” (lock-shaped icon)
  • Click on “Never” under “Accept cookies”