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On DIY International: Italian specialists for Vash Sad


On DIY International: Italian specialists for Vash Sad
More plants for Odessa

In collaboration with the Italian specialists Organizzazione Orlandelli, the operator Vash Sad has opened its fifth garden centre.

Vash Sad – for a garden centre the name could not be more appropriate. Translated from Ukrainian it literally means: Your Garden.
That’s the name of the garden centre chain from Odessa that has just opened its fourth store in the harbour town on the Black
Sea; a further store is to be found in the capital Kiev.
The company, founded in 1992, not only operates in garden retail, but also in plant wholesale and landscaping. The retail product range includes indoor plants from succulents and orchids to big palms, outdoor plants, for example, conifer and deciduous trees, water plants or shrubs, garden products i.e. tools as well as pesticides. In the future, cut flowers will also be added to the product assortment. The plants come from nurseries in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland, to name but a few.

For the planning and design of the sales space, Vash Sad collaborated intensively with the Italian garden centre furnisher
Organizzazione Orlandelli. “One of the main goals of this project was to create the right harmony between the exhibition space outside and inside the store”, says Xenia Lazareva, who accompanied the project as export manager. Before the opening at the end of August 2016, a deep analysis was carried out in order to identify the needs of Vash Sad.

Vash Sad’s owner, Igor Golubev, praised Orlandelli for the planning and implementation of the fixtures and fittings, especially “that all the displays are perfectly integrated into the design of the exhibition space and the plants exposed look more attractive: the customers really like the new environment, and they spend their time with pleasure in the garden center and are more likely to make purchases.” He has given the manager role of the new store, responsible for 14 employees, to his son Maxim. The 19 year old is also just completing his studies at the Odessa National Economic University. “Our main advantage is that we pay more attention to plants and flowers then our competitors”, Maxim Golubev evaluates the competitive environment; he has, in particular, the DIY store chain Nova Linya in mind. Furthermore, in comparison to other garden centres, which have either indoor or outdoor plants, Vash Sad has the biggest assortment  a shopping location with everything that is related in some way or another with gardens, flowers and plants.

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