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Green Garden, the new flower boutique

Green Garden, the new flower boutique
Fashion, harmony, freshness and light. The design of Mr. Nicola Bergami’s flower shop GREEN GARDEN, recently opened in Cremona, 97 Chinaglia street, recall exactly the 4 values. Our staff worked with Nicola providing a dedicated design for flowers, potted plants and weddings creations, showing a layout made to motivate customers and highlight the beauty the goods on display. The AMOR shelving system, the AMOR display tables and the working tables/counter desk, strike at first glance and invite you to enter the store. We thank Nicola Bergami for trusting us…. Cremona has a new AMOR store.

"To partnership with Organizzazione Orlandelli means interface with industry professionals, means rely on their know-how, means getting into the market with concreteness knowing of how to focus on quality and experience. In this Nicola’s case everything, he found everything he needed under one umbrella: functional and spacious counter top and every other single element to fit his purposes ... “an amazing start with no option to fail " Nicola Bergami
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