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Flowers Show Mosca 2014: Marco Orlandelli lecture on Garden Center Shopping Experience


It is not only a consideration but also a fact that the intangible component of products has become more important than the product itself. The most obvious and clear example is to be find in the fashion world, a perfume or a t-shirt are sold at prices well above the actual material value.

"But how can we increase the intangible value of plants and flowers? What levers can I put in the field so that even in my Garden Center the product/value perception will let me increase the profitability and, at the same time, the customer loyalty?“

Remodel the store focusing on the shopping experience rather than the product! The consumer must have a unique experience in terms of opportunity and excitement. Each of us will return to places that made us confidents through positive sensations. Therefore, you should adopt marketing strategies that lead to increase the intangible value of the product, consequently increase of the profit, the brand recognition and the customer loyalty. 

In technical jargon this is called “Customer Shopping Experience (CSE)” and this is one of the few marketing strategies that, if used correctly, enhances the professionalism of a company and which aims to counteract marketing strategies based exclusively on prices.
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