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Exhibition Components



Based on the experience in the design of exhibition layouts, from Garden Centers to large retailers, from Nurseries to Floral Shops, we have synthesized some concepts that can be replicated in any store. These exhibition sets suits, basically, everywhere: Hot and cold greenhouses, nurseries, box stores and all seasons flower shops. All the exhibition sets have a water basin with capillary mats and every optional/accessory completes the compositions and the settings. The sets are being shipped perfectly packed, assembled and ready to be placed and improve the performance of the sales area.


This is the traditional display concept for supermarkets that enhance every single product in the store. The modular composition optimizes the expressed FLOWERED concept:
depending on the length of the store, it allows optimal exposure for different types of plants and flowers 

The use of different benches’ heights gives double advantage: It facilitates the employees basic upkeeping labor and makes expectable exposure of plants according to their height providing a perfect view of the products already from a distance.  Besides, the use of the End Cap, apart improving the development of combined sales, is an invitation to switch from the main path to a secondary one. See More... 


Promotions always represent great appeal and bring clients’ affluence, therefore is crucial to consider the right exhibition space. To make a promotion comprehensible at first glance, the number of products displayed may be a distinctive element. Even with plants and flowers, the large quantity of products recall a promotion, therefore, it’s important use the appropriate display combined with a clearly visible signage. 

The developed composition of the layout includes the set promotions, an island concept composed by large benches granting the maximum marketability of the product on sale. Included in the set is the fertilize holder, ideal to promote a product related to the plants on display. In order to take advantage of the attractive effect of the promotion, the two End Cap are intended to show products similar to what we find on the benches, leading the clients into the excitement of the promotion. See More...


The exhibition set as follows allows you to combine strategically plants’ sales with complementary products such as soils, pots and fertilizers.

The Set CROSS-SELLING shows a great dynamism because it can be placed by the entrance, in the middle or at the exit of the store. This composition represents an ideal instrument for giving "light" to less frequented points of the sales area.  The Set Cross-Selling can be wall or island placed. See More...
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