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Aluminium low cost bench for greenhouses and nurseries

The video explains the features of low cost bench for greenhouses and nurseries.
The bench was designed to provide to the operators of greenhouses, nurseries, garden centers and stores of plants and flowers, a saving on the welded line of the bench.
The low cost bench can be disassembled and then facilitates the shipping cost.

The video explains how the low cost bench for greenhouses and nurseries once delivered to the customer, can be reassembled easily through the simple use of tools.
This simplicity is ensured by the use of rivets to the corners and screws for mounting the cross beams for support.

The low cost bench is equipped with Danish water tray and exhaust valve with filter to prevent the accumulation of dirt and foliage.
On the bench you can add casters both with the application of height-adjustable stands with click system or caps with fixed height designed to accommodate the wheels.
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