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Aluminium bench 660 x 2065 mm

Aluminium bench 660 x 2065 mm

price each259.00
h 350 mm
h 550 mm
3 units
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price each259.00
products total777.00
Order total826.00
Aluminum bench with leg available in different heights h 13.78" or 21.65" - foot ø 80
In order to add more dynamism and complete the line of displayers with aluminum structure for plants and flowers,  we created this new bench with dimensions of 660x2065 mm. The reduced height is an essential option for a better exposure, in qualitative terms.  Used near other benches with higher dimensions, it increases the exhibition area without compromising the ease of access to other plants or other elements. The new bench is also characterized by 250 mm basin, ideal for plants with 60 to 150 cm tall. The Use the new bench with other elements of different heights is a great solution to get a dynamic layout in your Garden Centre.

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