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Stem cleaning brushes

Stem cleaning brushes

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Stem Cleaning Brushes: Effective Leaf and Thorn Removal for Perfect Bouquets

Our Stem Cleaning Brushes are essential to maintain your stem cleaning machine at its peak performance. When the original brushes begin to wear out due to repeated removal of leaves and thorns from cut flowers, it's essential to replace them to ensure optimal performance, ensuring quick work times and impeccable results for your customers.

We have introduced an evolution of our Stem Cleaning Brushes, using new materials that guarantee greater durability and improved performance. This means that the new brushes can be used for a greater number of stems before needing replacement, allowing you to save time and money in the long run.

By choosing our new Stem Cleaning Brushes, you are investing in a crucial component for the reliable and continuous operation of your stem cleaning machine. Make sure to always have high-quality replacement brushes on hand to ensure continuity in your work, without interruptions or delays.

Two Brushes per Pack

Each box contains a pair of brushes, providing you with two replacement brushes perfectly suited for a variety of flowers.
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