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Plants carrier

Plants carrier

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Essential for moving plants easily and efficiently

The plant carrier is an essential tool for transporting and handling plants in nurseries and garden centres.

The trolley is equipped with comfortable handles and two wheels which guarantee simple and comfortable use. By loading the plant to be moved on the plant carrier, it is possible to facilitate transport to the desired destination.

This trolley is galvanized, ensuring greater resistance to corrosion and wear. The carrier measures 75x150 cm, has sides and is equipped with 4.50-10 wheels, for greater stability.

The plant carrier with sides makes transporting plants simple and efficient, improving the organization and productivity of your garden center or nursery.

Technical details

With 2 pneumatic wheels ø 400 mm. L 980 W 660 H 1.450 mm.

Weight: Kg. 43,50 - Volume: m3 1,18
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