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Garden cart 260
Garden cart 260
Garden cart 260
Garden cart 260
Garden cart 260

Garden cart 260

price each385.00
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price each385.00
products total3,080.00
Order total3,080.00
Cart for plants and flowers, hot deep galvanized, with wheels ø 260 mm.
Ideal for use in nurseries and unpaved ground and bumpy, like on gravel and cobblestones.

The cart is designed for durability, the hot dip galvanizing, the handmade welding and the manufacturing, using quality materials, gives the Nursery and Garden Cart a considerable strength.

L 1460 mm, P 970 mm, H 650 

Weight: 40 Kg
Volume (mounted): 0.92 m3 
Shipping Volume: 0.43 m3

The redesign of the product has the following product enhancements:
  • Rotating wheel backing plates to avoid Earth and Dirt. The back plates sizes were increased to improve the stability and the capacity of the cart.
  • Replacing of the wire mesh with the a more rigid and smooth one.
  • Addition of two middle reinforcements which give more strength to the shelf.
  • A simpler and easy to use handlebar fixed with countersunk screws.
  • Non-penetrable, 260 mm ø wheel, semi solid tires.

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