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Circular led lights

Circular led lights

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LED Lighting Kit for Germination and Grafting

This practical LED lamp kit allows you to transform a standard Organizzazione Orlandelli DC cart into a cart for germination and grafting.

Benefits of Indoor Cultivation with Orlandelli Carts and Germination and Grafting Lights

  • Optimized production cycles
  • Increased production
  • Carts optimized for floriculture
  • Healthier and more beautiful plants

Types of Use of the Cool White Light Spectrum

  • Grafting / ingrafting (e.g. melon varieties, tomatoes...)
  • Seedbed
  • Germination
  • Experimentation (e.g. winterization: experimental tests on varieties to be sown in the autumn months such as wheat, barley...)
  • Micropropagation (e.g. fruit trees: peach, apricot, olive, kiwi...)
  • Cutting / Rooting (e.g. hemp)