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Wood podium
Wood podium
Wood podium
Wood podium
Wood podium

Wood podium

CharacteristicsShipping costs
h 600 mm
h 800 mm
h 600mm + 800mm
The new Podio of the AMOR line is equipped with 4 compartments where it is possible to create enchanting compositions with flowers and plants, display objects and / or complementary products.
In the upper part it is equipped with a 120x120 cm reflux and flow plastic tank.
Product built in wood belonging to the AMOR wood line, equipped with 360 ° swivel wheels with brakes, the PODIUM can be easily positioned anywhere, ideal for creating spectacular promotions and exhibitions.
Customizable wood color.

Measurements: 120cm x 120cm x 60cm (h)
                           120cm x 120cm x 80cm (h)