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Euro pallets water tray
Euro pallets water tray
Euro pallets water tray
Euro pallets water tray
Euro pallets water tray

Euro pallets water tray

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The water tray for euro pallets designed by the Research and Innovation Team of  Organizzazione Orlandelli is a sturdy water tray, which allows the irrigation of plants and flowers on pallets approved according to the European EPAL standard.

By equipping the pallets with this tub, it will be possible to irrigate plants and flowers without wetting the ground, keeping the rooms dry, clean, tidy, and safe.

The advantages for those who use these water trays on euro pallets are numerous, here are the main ones:

1. IRRIGATION: by equipping the euro pallets with these water tray, it is possible to irrigate plants and flowers directly on the pallet. The ribs on the water tray allow safe irrigation, avoiding direct contact with water and therefore radical asphyxiation.
2. CLEANING: The use of the water tray avoids the dripping of water on the ground. This allows you to keep the premises dry, clean, tidy, and safe.
3. STRENGTH AND RESISTANCE: polystyrene (PST) is a material very resistant to atmospheric agents, chemicals, solvents, and mechanical stress. Furthermore, it does not deform under load and retains its characteristics over time.
4. DESIGN: the added aesthetic value that the water trays give to the euro pallet should not be underestimated, making it more suitable for display. The trays, with their colors and their functionality, add a touch of design to the display on simple euro pallets, facilitate the sale of plants.
5. RECYCLING: the Orlandelli euro pallet water tray is made of 100% recyclable plastic.

800 mm x 1200 mm