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Myplant & Garden 2017

Marco Orlandelli – CEO, Orlandelli group
Myplant & Garden, in few years become the main floral exhibition in Italy and we think that in few years will become one of the most important in Europe, and that is the reason why we chose this event to introduce the new concept called Garden Center identity. The Garden Center identity is a modern way of thinking, a creative and beautiful Garden Center with focus both on emotions and profitability.
Marco Orlandelli- AMOR Line
With our display systems, the Garden Centers are brought to an extreme superior level and the achievements in terms of sales lift, are equal to none. Here at Myplant we presented our new line. The AMOR line is a combination of wood and aluminum. In addition to the classic shapes, rectangular, square, special designs, the end-caps and wall displays, the new line is characterized by packaging and display stands and a serial of display systems for all non-floral and optional products available in a garden center.
Luca Sacchetti – Head Manager Orto Mio
Orlandelli Group’s systems allow a store to adopt this new exhibition concept and have significantly better results compared to, let’s say, the traditional way to display. These systems allow us to fully highlight every single product and better show the full assortment we produce. Besides, the systems optimize every single square inch of the floor space in every point of sale. We did various tests with our most relevant customers and with focus on the Central-Northern part of Italy. We gained substantial sales increasing, up to +30%. So, we made a little treasure of those results and we are trying to promote the systems between our clients, as much as possible. It’s a system that works and that’s what ‘s count for us.