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Promotion Set wood line AMOR
Promotion Set wood line AMOR

Promotion Set wood line AMOR

width 1060 mm
width 1260 mm
width 1660 mm
1 Set
3 Sets
5 Sets
Promotions always represent great appeal and bring clients’ affluence, therefore is crucial to consider the right exhibition space. To make a promotion comprehensible at first glance, the number of products displayed may be a distinctive element. Even with plants and flowers, the large quantity of products recall a promotion, therefore, it’s important use the appropriate display combined with a clearly visible signage. 

The developed composition of the layout includes the set promotions, an island concept composed by large benches granting the maximum marketability of the product on sale. Included in the set is the fertilize holder, ideal to promote a product related to the plants on display. In order to take advantage of the attractive effect of the promotion, the two End Cap are intended to show products similar to what we find on the benches, leading the clients into the excitement of the promotion. 

Organizzazione Orlandelli proposes the aluminum display sets, in a new variant made with wood bench. The sets of the AMOR line are composed of benches with wood profiles, available in two different colors, bleached wood and natural wood. The choice of this refined and elegant material gives brightness to your store, making it unique and original, memorable for customers.

1 aluminum benches, height 750 mm, capillary mat
2 end caps, height 550 mm, capillary mat