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Corner Set wood line AMOR
Corner Set wood line AMOR

Corner Set wood line AMOR

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The new set corner is designed to create departments within the sales area.
By combining different sets it is possible to create dedicated display islands, favoring the division of plants by category.
  • Shapes: the design of our End-Cap is specially designed to give harmony to the head of the bench. The square shape of the corner bathtub allows perfect integration with the two larger display counters.
  • Dimensions: having multiple dimensions in the same display set allows us to better show the assortment to our customer.
  • Heights: "Playing" with the heights of the displays is fundamental, both to create environments in movement and to enhance the characteristics of the plants by placing them at the correct height.
The Set Corner is a simple and effective idea, applicable to any environment, both for the whole display of plants and flowers, and in the nursery for outdoor plants.
CORNER set - Wood line AMOR
Organizzazione Orlandelli proposes the aluminum display sets, in a new variant made with wood pallets.
The sets of the AMOR line are composed of pallets with wood profiles, available in two different colors,
bleached wood and natural wood. The choice of this refined and elegant material gives brightness to your store,
making it unique and original, memorable for customers.

N1 WOOD BENCH 1260 x 2560 mm (H 750 mm)
N1 WOOD BENCH 1260 x 2560 mm (H 550 mm)
N1 WOOD SQUARE BENCH 1260 x 1260 mm (H 750 mm)
N2 WOOD END-CAP 1260 mm (H 550 mm)