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Green Plastic Shelf for DC Trolley

Green Plastic Shelf for DC Trolley

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Perfect for vegetable plants, retail stores, and research laboratories

The unistandard shelf with green plastic top is the ideal alternative to the classic wood shelf for DC trolleys, when the purpose of the trolley changes from a transport container to a support for potted plants and flowers.


Plastic has a higher tolerance to water than wood, making it ideal for plants that need frequent and abundant watering, such as vegetable plants. Vegetable and aromatic plants need to be watered heavily and frequently, without waterlogging. The plastic shelf is the ideal solution to guarantee the health of your plants inside the store.


High Load Capacity

Compared to common DC trolley shelves, even in the most robust versions, the plastic shelf offers exceptional load capacity. This plastic shelf for DC trolley can carry up to 100 Kg of uniformly distributed load (UDL). This is thanks to the sturdy plastic used and especially to the metal reinforcement crossbars that cross the shelf at multiple points to offer these trolley shelves exceptional resistance.


Points of Sale


The plastic shelf creates a colorful and pleasant to look at, as well as durable shelf. This makes it ideal as a shelf for potted plants and flowers, for example on a convertible trolley in the sales path of garden centers, plant and flower shops, GDO and GDS.


The plastic shelf was created to meet those needs where the trolley is used as a stable and durable support rather than as a means of transport. This is why the plastic shelf becomes the most recommended shelf to equip the convertible trolley.


Laboratories - Research Centers

The plastic shelves are also ideal for laboratories and clean rooms, in situations where there is a need for a durable support in contact with water.