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Wire mesh trolley horticulture

Wire mesh trolley horticulture

1430 mm
1 unit
5 units
15 units
30 units
60 units

Durable and long-lasting wire mesh trolley

Our wire mesh trolley is a support designed to offer a long service life. For this reason, our grid trolleys are hot-dip galvanized.

What this cart includes

By purchasing this product you will receive a wire mesh base equipped with wheels and four columns necessary to make the supporting structure on which to store the shelves.
Wire shelves are not included in this option and can be purchased separately.

Efficient logistics and cost reduction

The wire mesh trolley facilitates logistics operations, helping to make your company's logistics more efficient.

Compared to traditional handling aids, the grid trolley offers greater protection for horticultural plants and a reduction in packaging costs.
Comparing the adoption of the wire mesh trolley with the use of traditional cardboard packaging for horticultural plants, it is immediately evident that in the face of an initial investment to be equipped with grid trolleys, costs are drastically reduced over a long period of time, since the disposable cardboard packaging is no longer necessary.
Especially in the current economic context, with huge increases in the cost of packaging carton, making your business independent from carton for shipping can be a winning strategy. This is because this allows you to reduce costs and avoid shipment blocks due to material shortages due to the closures of the production plants that are affecting the paper and cardboard production sector.