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RUSSIA - MOSCOW - The official opening of the Garden Center in a new format!

On 18 August, near Moscow, was inaugurated the first Garden Center "Russkiy Ogorod" part of the project "System of Garden Centres."
The new Garden Centre was built in six months and has been designed as a greenhouse: with many entrances, large number of windows, which overlook the exclusive demonstration "field", where are growing different varieties of plants, produced by the same company.
The Garden Centre covers an area of ​​5000 m2 and offers to its customers more than 15,000 items.
For the area dedicated to plants they have chosen the design of our benches together with various optional, such as second level bench, the manure holder, the basket holder, etc. Thanks to all these elements were created areas of high aesthetic and highly effective for the sale of plants, fertilizers, pots and compositions.
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