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Change the way of communication

The new Graphics Display is one of latest optional added to the existing range of additives and it revolutionizes the way to communicate. The holder has been developed to recreate in the sale areas, Garden Center or flower shop, an impressive graphics and make the sales of plants and flowers more "aggressive". It’s designed to be placed on the head or sides of the benches. The particular curving (bending) makes the images very visible.
The images, being interchangeable, can vary according to the season or a particular category of plants that we want to promote. With the new Graphic Display, you can create suggestive impressions and improve the sale performance of plants and flowers by stimulating the Visual communication. Orlandelli, upon request, is able to provide the interchangeable graphic Panels using archive footage or customize theme based on seasonality or plants and flowers that you want to make more visible.

Metal structure, green painted, adjustable in two positions. It’s Ideal for enhancing the exposed plants. Also suitable as price holder.

Colour: Green RAL 6012

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