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PST watertray for Half-Cart

PST watertray for Half-Cart

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Tailor-made polystyrene water tray for half DC cart, designed by the Research and Innovation Team of Organizzazione Orlandelli.

The advantages for those who use the half DC cart water tray are many, in particular:
  1. IRRIGATION: the primary purpose is to water the plants on the half DC cart. The ribs inside the tray allow safe and correct irrigation, avoiding direct contact with water, cause of root asphyxia, and waste of water.
  2. CLEANING: the use of the water tray avoids the dripping of water on the ground and on the shelves below, thus safeguarding the flowering and cleaning of the plants. This feature is particularly effective in the presence of flowering plants which, if wet from above, risk ruining the flowering. By avoiding the dripping of water on the ground, it is also possible to keep the premises dry, clean, tidy and safe.
  3. STRENGTH AND RESISTANCE: polystyrene (PST) is a very resistant material to atmospheric agents, chemicals, solvents, mechanical stress. Furthermore, it does not deform under load and retains its characteristics over time.
  4. DESIGN: do not underestimate the added aesthetic value that the water trays give to the half DC cart, making the appearance of the GDO trolley less essential and more suitable for display. Thanks to their color and functionality, the water trays add a touch of design to the display on the half DC cart, favoring the sale of the plants on display.
  5. RECYCLING: Orlandelli's half DC cart water tray is made of 100% recyclable plastic.

Dimensions: 555 x 630 mm