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Ebb and flow system, benches and display

Benches - The aluminium benches may be considered the most obvious displays for plants. Our line is composed by the classic rectangular shape but also available in various sizes and many other forms such as, triangular, square or hexagonal, with which you can make creative layouts. The line also includes wall and island displayers. The range is completed by functional optional like basket holder, raised aluminium bench, fertilizer holder and many others. Even there where the displaying area is limited, it’s easy to dispose displays that optimize the value €/m2 thanks to the combined sale of different types of plants and flowers, with pots, potting soils, fertilizers etc.
Nothing is left to the case; our range of benches has been designed to occupy a minimum space and to optimize transportation costs. The Smart Packaging allows, for instance, loading on a classic euro pallet (80x120cm.)  20 benches, size 1x2 mt. All this makes our benches line eco-friendly, beautiful and functional.

Displayer - Plant and flower displays are equipment for nurseries, garden centers, greenhouses and florists. The displays are ideal for creating flower compositions and to exhibit the products in the best possible way.
With the wheel kit the display of flowers and plants, became a real trucks for transportation and a powerful handling tool for pot plants and flower arrangements.

Improve performances with the "combined sale": This is the concept that Organizzazione Orlandelli, Leader Company in the Floriculture Sector for more than 30 years, wants to suggest to its customers.
Using the best solutions for the aluminum Low Cost benches and its accessories, you can optimize the exhibition space and improve the sale performance. Allow us to show you, in two concepts, the most significant characteristics of our studies: Combined and Coordinated sale.

The Combined Sale. We mean the ability to offer several products in one spot and, of course, in combination with flowers and pot plants. Plants, Decorative Pots, Fertilizers or Potting Soils … . in one place! This will doubtless bring a higher turnover.
The Coordinated Sale. We mean a careful study and meticulous position order of each plant; starting with a yellow Rose, place an orange Hibiscus, than, paying attention to the product type and the color combination, it’s easy to find a way to complete the sequence. The line of aluminum Low Cost benches, the classic rectangular shape as well, is also completed by wall, island displays and other various shaped items such as the hexagonal. The display combination with many optional, gives endless versatility making the store beautiful, pleasant, efficient and functional.
The Coordinated Sale combination enables you to exhibit 140% more products in the same available space. That is, more products per square meter than using a flat solution.