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Spare parts for carts
Spare parts for carts
Spare parts for carts
Spare parts for carts
Spare parts for carts

Spare parts for carts

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Swivel caster
Roller Caster
Cart's wooden base
Wooden shelf
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Replacement Parts for Unistandard Trolleys

Here you can find all the replacement accessories for your reliable Unistandard trolleys, essential for floriculture logistics. Their constant use over time can lead to easily repairable breakages with replacement wheels or wood.

Woods for Repairing Bases and Shelves, with Included Mounting Rivets

We offer specially shaped woods to repair the bases and shelves of your Unistandard carts, including the necessary mounting rivets. Made with marine plywood, these woods guarantee strength and durability over time, providing a reliable solution for your repair needs.

The specific woods for shelves allow you to replace the damaged shelf with a new one. Having the cart with shelves in perfect condition allows you to always properly utilize all the available shelf space on the cart and not have to forgo using a shelf while maintaining the high load capacity of your carts.

Robust and Reliable Wheels:

Wheels are an essential component of your Unistandard trolleys, and we understand the importance of offering versatile and high-quality options. Our wheels are available in predefined quantity packages to facilitate your replacement needs with dedicated quantity discounts.

Custom Repair Solutions:

With our spare parts, you'll have the opportunity to intervene in the repair of your trolleys in a customized way, choosing exactly what you need to quickly ready to roll.

Keep Your Business Rolling:

With our comprehensive range of spare parts for Unistandard trolleys, you can repair your damaged trolleys quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and keeping your business rolling.

Choose quality, durability, and reliability for your Unistandard trolleys. With our spare parts, you can rely on full support to keep your essential work tools rolling smoothly.