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Bench, wood line AMOR
Bench, wood line AMOR
Bench, wood line AMOR
Bench, wood line AMOR

Bench, wood line AMOR

price each685.00
864 x 1264 mm
1060 mm x 2100 mm
1060 mm x 2560 mm
1260 mm x 1260 mm
1260 mm x 2560 mm
1660 mm x 3060 mm
1660 mm x 3560 mm
h 750 mm
3 units
5 units
15 units
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price each685.00
products total2,055.00
Order total2,114.00

Enhance the atmosphere of your store with the design of the wood display benches - AMOR line
The wood display bench of the AMOR line is the key element for the display of plants and flowers in stores, garden centers, agricultural, brico and shopping centers.
The material essence of wood gives the rooms a more natural and elegant atmosphere. In this way, the spaces of the store will be more refined by creating an exhibition with a refined design.
Thanks to the numerous accessories that can be combined and placed side by side with the wood bench, it is possible to create dynamic layouts capable of developing an emotional and functional display that allows you to positively strike the customer by maximizing his shopping experience and inviting him to return to buy again.
The AMOR Orlandelli wood benches are gaining more and more success, as can be seen in the indoor installations of Merkur (Slovenia), Arboretum Home & Garden Heaven (Ireland) and many other players in the sector who have included the AMOR wood benches inside of their exhibitions.
The wood display bench of the AMOR line is available in various sizes and heights, allowing you to create a specific display for the type of plants or flowers. This allows maximum enhancement of the products displayed, as well as the best integration with the other exhibitors present within the store. The standard dimensions of the bench can be selected, and on request, heights of 350 or 550 or 750 mm can be combined.
The benches of the AMOR line have profiles in solid larch wood, not chipboard or MDF, to combine a better design with superior resistance. Also at a structural level, the attention paid to the construction of high-strength benches has prompted the Orlandelli R&D team to equip the aluminum structure with special tie rods.
Each bench is equipped with a PST tank and drain valve with filter to avoid the accumulation of dirt and foliage.

Wood Plant and Flower bench with Adjustable Feet

Our wood plant and flower benches are equipped with adjustable feet to level the table on uneven surfaces. This allows you to have a perfectly aligned table, even on irregular surfaces.

The foot is equipped with a screw that can be screwed and unscrewed by hand to raise or lower the foot. The maximum travel of the foot is 4 cm.