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DC trolley with led lights kit for microgreens
DC trolley with led lights kit for microgreens
DC trolley with led lights kit for microgreens
DC trolley with led lights kit for microgreens
DC trolley with led lights kit for microgreens

DC trolley with led lights kit for microgreens

price each685.00
Trolley consisting of
  • base with two fixed and two swiveling wheels
  • 4 columns
  • 4 DC shelves
  • lights kit (for the 4 shelves of the trolley)
  • 4 DC water tray 

CharacteristicsFull Description
SLIM - 2 lamps per shelf
CIRCULAR - 1 lamp per shelf
Without DC water trays
With DC water trays
1 DC cart
6 DC carts
18 DC carts
Order summary:
price each685.00
products total685.00
Order total685.00
Full Description
Nowadays the nursery techniques of producing small and young plants in an indoor environment provide for different protocols depending on the type of starting material. In vitro micropropagation, the production of cuttings, the grafting of young horticultural plants, etc., are generally conducted in controlled environments from a climatic and health point of view, the so-called clean rooms, on special illuminated shelves.

To respond to this growing market demand, we developed the DC trolley with lighting kit.

The Benefits of Indoor Cultivation with Orlandelli LED-Lights Carts
  • Faster growth cycles
  • Increase in production
  • Trolleys optimized for floriculture
Type of light: NATURAL
From laboratory tests a red / blue / white light spectrum has been developed which generates an intense purplish color to the eye.
The red light / blue light ratio is 1: 1, with a double red peak to optimize the photosynthetic process.
The white light base is necessary to optimize the physiological processes of the plant.

Types of use of the Natural light spectrum:
- all varieties we want to grow indoors with accelerated growth
- specific light for baby leaves or microgreens, or micro-vegetables, here are some examples:
Asteraceae - lettuce, endive, escarole, chicory, radicchio
Apiaceae - dill, carrot, fennel, celery
Amaryllidaceae - garlic, onion, leek
Amaranthaceae - amaranth, chard, chard, spinach
Brassicaceae - cauliflower, broccoli cabbage, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, leaf cabbage, savoy cabbage, turnip greens, cress, mizuna, radish, arugula, mustard and tatsoi
Cucurbitaceae - melon, cucumber, pumpkin
Herbaceous species - oats, soft wheat, durum wheat, corn, barley, rice, quinoa.

Main advantages of the two types of lights:
SLIM: double shelf light for maximum performance of the cultivation process
CIRCULAR: a shelf light, designed for greater ease of use

Dimensions of the trolley
The trolley on which the LED lamp kit is applied is a DC trolley. For this reason, the dimensions of the trolley respect the standard measurements of a DC trolley: height 1900 mm, width 1350 mm, depth 565 mm.

For more information on the products or to provide you with assistance on the cultivation chamber you want to make, write us an email at or call +39 0376 96 03 11.

Slim LED lights come with a dedicated power supply

Each SLIM light cart includes a dedicated driver power supply. This power supply is designed to ensure efficient operation of the lights and is pre-wired for a dimmer to adjust the brightness to your needs. The dimmer can be added as an option.

This power supply is designed to ensure efficient operation of the lights, ensuring that your seedlings receive the optimal lighting needed for healthy and robust germination. With its 220W power and 24V DC voltage, SLIM LED lights provide your seedlings with the perfect lighting to grow vigorously and healthily.

Download Natural Light Technical Data Sheets

Technical description - LED lights for CULTIVATION

The light spectrum ( colour of light ) NATURAL INDOOR is the ideal light for stimulating plant growth
4 shelves
2 led lights per shelf (8 tot -184 W) 1 led light per shelf (4 tot - 96 W)
Distance between shelves 40 cm
Cart dimensions (L x W x H) 1350 x 565 x 1900 mm

Technical comparison - LED SLIM | LED CIRCULAR

Cultivation USAGE Cultivation
LIGHT SPECTRUM full par ( blue - white - red ) 
51 PPF 48
55 - 100 PPFD 45 - 85
23 W POWER 24 W
220 (driver) | 24 V (led) DC voltage 220 (driver included)
120° Beam angle 115°
max 35° | min -10° Temperature amb max 35° | min -20°
IP65 Degree of protection IP67
1250 x 12 x 16 mm DIMENSIONS L x W x H 1290 x 28 x 28 mm