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Shopping cart Garden flor 3 shelves
Shopping cart Garden flor 3 shelves
Shopping cart Garden flor 3 shelves
Shopping cart Garden flor 3 shelves
Shopping cart Garden flor 3 shelves
Shopping cart Garden flor 3 shelves
Shopping cart Garden flor 3 shelves

Shopping cart "Garden flor 3 shelves"

price each225.00
wheels ø 125 mm
1 unit
10 units
20 units
Order summary:
price each225.00
products total675.00
Order total681.00
Minimum order quantity: 3
Our analysis comes from the study of modern merchandising for what concerns plants and flowers. One of the most important factors is the study of clients' behaviour as well as their purchasing course in the Garden Centre. Discovering, during different periods, the typical client purchase and therefore the typical trolley, it allowed us to understand how to improve the trolley's efficacy. We've realised that most
trolleys are loaded with pots' plant starting from Ø 10/12 cm to Ø 18/20 cm. In the past, flower pots were larger and they went reducing in order to optimise costs together with plant transportation in the horti-floricultural field, increasing the quantity loaded on the unistandard trolleys, as a result. This “revolution” makes the one or two shelves trolleys inadequate, precluding each customer to increase shopping.

The new Pianetta 'Garden Flor 3 shelves', is the answer to the needs of MODERN Garden Centres. Easy to use with its four swivelling wheels, the 'Garden Flor 3 shelves' has ideal dimensions for all types of Garden Centre. Boost loading capacity, thanks to its 1100mm length, 560mm wide and 1100mm height.

Stackable. With coin deposit lock system for coins €1 (diameter 23,25mm thickness 2,33 mm).

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Technical data
Stackable. With coin deposit lock system.
L 1.120 W 560 H 1.115 mm
4 swivel polyurethane wheels ø 125 mm


1) INCREASE shopping, optimizing loading capacity
2) HANDLE WITH EASINESS even in narrow spaces
3) SIMPLIFY loading conditions of plants, household and gift items.
4) KEEP SAFE the plants while carrying in the Garden Centre.

The self-service trolley carries out a little known assignment but actually it's of fundamental importance since they aim in improving sales. Often, Garden centres are equipped with old-aged as well as rusted trolleys that are not suitable for plants' transportation and therefore jeopardising a possible sales growth.

MORE DETAILS >> The utility of 3 shelves?

Upper shelf: of course it’s the most used one because it’s on top. Analysing clients’ behavioural habit , we’ve realised that 50 litres soil sack are loaded on the upper shelf. For this reason, a more resistant shelf carrying up to 35 Kg has been projected.

Middle shelf: since it’s large and roomy, Garden Centre flower pots as well as fertilizer sacks are stackable along with other items. The embossed arrangement of the shelf has been created for two important reasons:
1) to load high plants without compromising volume.
2) to give visibility of volume encumbrance for easy moving even in crowded places. The carrying capacity of the middle shelf, as well as the upper shelf, is of 50 Kg.

Lower shelf: designed expressly to load heavy goods like potting compost or stone sacks. Easy to load because easy to get from every side.