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Shopping cart Garden flor
Shopping cart Garden flor
Shopping cart Garden flor
Shopping cart Garden flor
Shopping cart Garden flor

Shopping cart "Garden flor"

wheels ø 125 mm
wheels ø 150 mm
1 unit
10 units
15 units
20 units

1.SIMPLY to use
2. HELP customers in their purchases
3.PROTECTS loaded plants

The self-service shopping cart has been specially designed for Nurseries / Garden Centers and offers a service of fundamental importance for increasing the purchases of plants and flowers of their Customers. The self-service cart creates a service that is often overlooked but in reality it is an element of fundamental importance for those who aim to improve the turnover of their store. Too often the Garden Centers have self-service carts that are not suitable for loading plants, thus compromising their client's potential for increased spending.
Shopping cart "Garden flor"
  • stackable
  • with coin deposit lock system for coins with 23,25 mm diameter and 2,33 mm thickness, such as 1 € coin.
  • handle for gripping the cart covered in high resistance plastic, easy to clean.
  • with folding shelf

L 1.220 W 580 H 1.040 mm

4 swivel polyurethane wheels ø 125 mm
4 swivel rubber wheels ø 150 mm

Planning a New Shopping Cart Installation? Find Out What You Need Now!

Start hook and start chain are not included with your shopping cart. If you are planning a new shopping cart installation, which includes the insertion of a new row or the equipping of the store for the first time, it is necessary to contact us to request the start hook and start chain.

These elements are provided separately to ensure maximum flexibility and adaptability to different needs. We are at your disposal to support you with all the information you need to ensure correct installation and optimal use of your shopping carts. For further questions: CONTACT US.