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Refrigerated display system Fior d'acqua
Refrigerated display system Fior d'acqua
Refrigerated display system Fior d'acqua
Refrigerated display system Fior d'acqua
Refrigerated display system Fior d'acqua

Refrigerated display system Fior d'acqua

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Stair-step displayer - TITANO

Refrigerated display system for cut flowers

  • It is a refrigerated display system for cut flowers that enables you to change water just once a month.
  • It extends the life of the flowers and avoids the heat stress associated with cold stores.
  • It reduces the workload of the florist creating a showcase of great impact on the customer and ensuring quality flowers that last longer.
  • The only system that oxygenates the water and keeps it at a constant temperature of 6-7°C

How does it work

Thanks to two basic principles: the cold and the continuous re-circulation of water at 6°C.
  1. A refrigerator of modern technology keeps the cold water to 6 degrees. It is only at this temperature that the bacterial charge of the water remains under control, thanks also to an effective UVC sterilisation system.
  2. The second principle is the continuous re-circulation of the water.
    The same cooled and filtered water circulates continuously through an appealing waterfall by means of which it is oxygenated, letting your flowers to soak up fresh and clean water.
All you need is a power socket to make it operate. No water connections are required and it can be easily drained by a provided pump.

What are the advantages

  • water changed once a month
  • saves water: only 250 litres a month
  • provides your customers with better looking flowers for a longer time
  • completely eliminates the odor of stagnant water
  • reduces considerably waste flowers and thereby increases profits
  • keeps the water bacteriologically clean and oxygenated
  • eliminates the hot/cold thermal stress of cold storage
  • saves time and work as regards flowers daily care
  • the buds blossom completely and the leaves do not yellow
  • in just a small space, a highly attractive flower arrangement


Exclusive features


  1. Large displaying capacity.
  2. Designs suitable to any environment.
  3. Pleasant waterfall effect.
  4. Possibility of customised finishes.
  5. Special clear acrylic tubes in different sizes for standing the flowers.
  6. Water quality ensured by a reliable and silent refrigeration unit. Effective UVC filter ensures clean and bacteria-free water.
  7. Fast tank draining by means of external pump.
  8. Easy to move thanks to a wheeled chassis.

Optional "Custom":
finishing color chosen by the customer, with the possibility of adding customized serigraphs.