Positive trend for the German gardening sector thanks to outdoor activities


The turnover of gardening in Germany, 2012, reached 2.803 billion euros with values constantly increasing. From those reports, it appears that the segment of "outdoor activities" is growing in 2014, witness to a further increase in the global turnover. The outdoor activities become nowadays a real market with products in all price ranges, from luxury to discount levels. When it comes to being outdoors, the Germans tend to spend more and more. Between 2008 and 2012 the expenditure in this category increased by 16.5%. The average expenditure per person is 34.51 euros in 2012 and according to the latest estimates; looks like it will grow again in 2014.
Even the "plants" category, though not recording a particular increase, remains a very important market and always with record market achievements; especially bearing in mind that the past season, from the meteorological point of view, was one of the worst in recent years. The success was favored by several factors; one of them is the most personal preparation and dedication. A competent and educated person determines the sales volumes in the industry that actually needs, more than others, a specific preparation.
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