On "Green line" magazine, Organizzazione Orlandelli presents the new concept


 "We need to create EMOTIONS before and in order to sell plants and flowers”. Organizzazione Orlandelli’s philosophy is to create emotions. That’s the reason why  a series of products has been studied highlighting  the dynamic exposure of the products and  to enhance the characteristics of each plant.
To achieve this, we are launching a new layout concept that, focusing on the attractive factor, aims to better use  the exhibition spaces and  obtain the maximum performance in terms of sales per square meter. We have to revolutionize the traditional layout, especially in the Garden Centre that usually are based on a flat linear arrangement of benches or the classic Central passage with benches placed disoriented, right and left. We should change this way of exhibit creating Islands with benches of different heights and shapes and also inserting graphics holders that would exalt the products.
This system allows to use various additional accessories to the benches and therefore launch even new "concept" which will boost the value per  €/mq  (euros per square meter). Optimizing and beautifying the exhibition spaces will increase the amount of merchandise displayed for every square meter.
When we think to our store, we should consider an exposure that adds value to the plants and flowers, this in order to capture the customer's attention and arouse the desire to buy a particular product. That is;  create EXCITEMENT. In this case, it is obvious that the elements to be used must comply with the characteristics of each plant, being these of different heights and forms and conditioned by the  emotional factor and impulsive purchasing. This solution, obviously, is implemented only in sporadic cases because often the exhibitors elements used have the same height. 
Our Group,  Leader in design and implementation of displayer for Garden Centre, has gone along with this natural need proposing  very effective solutions for exhibition purposes. Our Benches in set of 10 or 20  pieces, consist of 3 different heights (350 mm, 550 mm and 750 mm) in order to optimize the right exhibition of flowers and plants. 
The correct display of all kinds of plants, from small  Violets or Primroses, to middle high plants like Hydrangeas and Azaleas  to taller once like  Dracena or similar.  In addition to the correct look of the exhibition, try to think about the difference between an exhibition with benches of the same height and a setting  with different heights. The result will be more dynamic and pleasing to the eye.  This exhibition  method may be upgraded with the use of optional such as the basket holder  or the raised bench.
The Latest new item of the selection is the KARETA display "passion and tradition". KARETA is a functionality combined with the charm of a unique design. It’s a bicycle display that lets you create particular emotion and, at the same time, offer a special exposure by exploiting all the available space with various products or species of flowers and plants. Kareta should be placed at the entrance of the Garden Centers or shops, but it’s also usable as a mobile exhibitor in fairs or similar events.

The practice of "do-it-yourself" often leads to comparable results between investment and returns.  Orlandelli and the subsidiary Organization EnterGreen, specialists for the horticultural industry, is managing the entire design flow to give a concrete response, strategic and professional, and aim to build the path leading to the maximum efficiency of your business.
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