Furniture for plants and flowers

Hopefully, one day, Men will live in a natural harmony whit Forests. Let’s hope, that day, the forests still exist………..!
Julia Wood Line is the first Wooden Line of displayers for plants and flowers designed by Organizzazione Orlandelli. It’s Made with attention to the last details to ensure the operators the maximum practicality of use combined with a high aesthetic value.

Respect the natural heritage and the surroundings; protect it from man’s stupidity. It must become a priority for everyone! Look back, understand the mistakes and act more responsibly. This is essential to progress.  Produce what has been produced up to date in a perspective of respect for the nature; It’s possible!
Julia Wood Line is made from PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) which guarantees the origin of the raw material from sustainable managed forests. This means that our wooden displayers have been produced and will be always produced with raw materials coming not from wild deforestation practices.

Wood and the unique sustainable raw materials are essential elements for humans. We will contribute to ensure that Forests and Man continue to progress.
The panel
The wooden planking panel used for Julia wood line is a material produced by a technological process of pressure bonding. The used glues are water vinyl based. The particular structure of the panel with three layers and cross-grain reduces the defects of solid wood; it’s a composite material, made essentially of natural wood and maintains its quality characteristics in perfect balance with strength and weight.
The qualified panels are certified through the custody chain of wood production processes PEFC.
The wood carvings

The wooden planking panel used for Julia Wood Line is carved on the surface through a brushing process that removes the tender part of the wood enhancing the grains giving to the displayer a fine finish in both visual and physical level.
The painting involves the preparation of three layers of impregnating paints for outdoor use; the first two processes are done through the use of impregnating paints uniform colored. After these processes, there is a sanding operation that enhances further the grain in its color. The third process is done through the use of an impregnating, transparent and protective paint.
The paints that we use are water-based, non-toxic and environmental. 
The scent of wood, its vitality, its warmth and its virtues are the soul of Julia wood line. The refined design gives elegance in any place and guarantees functionality in the displaying.
The modularity of the displayers, together with the bench, allows creating the perfect layout using the vertical displaying in combination with the classical horizontal.
Through a special connector it’s possible to join in sequence two or three shelves displayers.
The structure of Julia wood line has been designed in compliance with the consumption of natural raw material, focusing on the harmony of volume and thickness of the used laminated wood.


Furniture for plants and flowers
Furniture for plants and flowers
Furniture for plants and flowers
Furniture for plants and flowers
Furniture for plants and flowers - Internet Partner