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FlowerTrials 2018

The unmissable event for the world of Plants and Flowers is definitely the week of Flower Trials held every year in Holland in mid-June. Floriculture operators from all over the world have made a stop in Holland to visit the Companies of the circuit one by one, a sort of Open Doors of Hybrids that show the result of their research to a highly professional public.
New varieties, characterized by new colors, combinations of colors, shapes, different fragrances and more resistant plants to give the final consumer an ever more beautiful and lasting product.
This year Organizzazione Orlandelli was present again at the Flower Trials, thanks to the renewed agreement with Syngenta, world leader among the Hybrids: the concept "Garden Center Identity" was developed to best express the potential of the new varieties, such as Suninfinity or Calliope.
FlowerTrials 2018

Greenhouse - Garden Center Identity

The idea we propose is to recreate a setting that, in the imaginary, brings thought to a greenhouse, where plants and flowers are grown.
The concept we came up with has already had a very positive, two-folds impact in other sectors:
  • increase in sales
  • promotion of the product on display
When Plants and Flowers are products sold year round, that is not exclusively linked to promos or particular moments of the year, characterizing the area destined to the green sector will surely give a strong boost to sales.
FlowerTrials 2018

Custom scenographic islands

For the launch of product news or for the emphasis on a product category, we have developed a modular system of wood paneling and wooden boxes. The need for Syngenta was to highlight the new Helianthus Sunnfinity, characterized by a very intense yellow color, so we opted for panels and boxes with a darker color and the final effect definitely rewarded this choice.
FlowerTrials 2018

Exhibition concept

The correct development of the layout includes the Promotions set, an exhibition island based on a large pallet that allows maximum saleability of the product on offer. Inside the Set we find a fertilizer display, ideal for the sale of the specific fertilizer.
In order to exploit the attractive effect of the promotion, on the two End Cap in the header we can display plants similar to the one in promotion.
FlowerTrials 2018

Communication graphics

Orlandelli designs exhibition areas for plants and flowers, starting from the creation of environments that are engaging, harmonious and, at the same time, commercially aggressive. The study of the layout and image are directly related to the success of any store.

A major change is in place in the retail world, the advent of the internet and online sales are growing. Brick and mortar points of sale need to create very impressive settings so to provide the visitor a reason to come back.
It is on this that we are working to give our customers beautiful, functional and profitable exhibition concepts.
The need to offer its customers an expositive idea on how to organize the sales area dedicated to plants, be it in a Garden Center or in a Farm or in a Shopping Center or Do It Yourself Center, emerges ever more pressing.
The initiative was much appreciated by visitors who recognized how Syngenta, even in marketing and communication, is able to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

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Here is the gallery of images of the event:

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