Do not buy carts from suspicious sources!


Are you purchasing carts from a suspect seller? The risks is a penalty and up to 6 months jail! 
To purchase stolen items, incautious purchases as well, are considered criminal offences!  When we buy, or trade, we always have to options: the official source and the illegal one. The Floricultural sector is not an exception, talking about carts and shelves, the illegal trade of these item slowly increased, becoming to a commune problem.
To buy for a low price is always attractive but if the origin of your purchase is from illegal sources, well, you are committing a criminal act. Besides, every purchase has to be documented with the proper paperwork. If you buy, in good faith, without invoices and tax documentation you break the low and commit a further offence (and then a further sanction). 
The problem is highlighted. There is a massive trade of carts and shelves from suspicious origins, in other words, stolen goods!  Who buys these goods thinking of doing a good deal is wrong ..."nobody will never know” “nobody will never control my inventory” “the transaction is impossible to trace” – Do you recognize these comments? Will you risk your company and personal reputation; will you trade against the low, would you like to compromise your business? Keep in mind: the law doesn't excuse ignorance! Stay away from illegal businesses and refuse proposes if you cannot certify the source! Just the fact of considering an illegal trade is a lack of respect to you business and to your colleagues. Think twice and do not purchase stolen items and report untrustworthy sellers.
If you need to buy carts and shelves, get in contact with the official channels. Orlandelli Group is one of them. We have been operating on the market for years with loyalty and seriousness and are synonymous of high quality and professionalism.
We wish you all a good season! - Internet Partner