Cabriolet Cart news 2016

The perfect Exhibition rack for vegetable plants, herbs and seasonal flowers.

If you are looking for a display that fully satisfies your display needs for vegetable plants, herbs and seasonal flowers, Orlandelli has the smartest solution, practical and affordable, on the market. 
The Cabriolet rack with graphical Banner.
Outstanding outlook:
The simple and smart design matches with the relevance of the product on display. Where possible, we recommend to follow a vertical display method, by color or variety, thereby creating a better visibility of the assortment offered to our customer.

Practical: The rack is an evolution of the classic Convertible cart DC or CC. What Orlandelli group invented and patented is the system that allows you to open and fold the rack, turning the classic transportation cart to an exhibition item.

Affordable: If you already have DC or CC racks, you can buy the Kit system alone and use it on your existing carts. Clearly and in this case, your investment will be extremely reduced, having the full benefits of the Cabriolet Rack. - Internet Partner